Study for a UK degree in different countries using one of the following partnership models

Progression Agreements

Arrangements whereby students who have successfully completed a programme at the international partner may be considered for entry to a more advanced stage, of a programme of the UK University.

Tom from South Africa would like to study for a globally recognized degree from a UK University but would also like to study in Singapore for a while so as to experience the culture and save costs on obtaining a UK degree. Tom can study find a Singaporean Universities on Eduroutes that allow him to study for two to three years at Singapore and then just one year at a UK University rather than the full three year study in the UK.

Validation Agreements

The UK University recognises (as leading to their own University award) a programme of study designed and delivered by an international academic institution or other private training provider partner organisation.

Jane is American but would like to do a lot of travelling around South East Asia whilst she studies for a world renowned degree from a UK University. Jane can use Eduroutes to search for Malaysian, Thai or Vitenamese Universities where she can study locally but obtain a renowned UK degree without the need for additional study. Infact by doing this, Jane may be able to obtain two degrees each from the local and UK University for only a fraction of the cost of studying full time in the UK… and she still gets to live and travel within South East Asia.

Articulation Agreements

An arrangement whereby students who satisfy academic criteria on one programme at the international partner are automatically entitled to be admitted with advanced standing to a subsequent stage of a named UK University programme.
The arrangement is subject to a formal agreement in which the credit achieved for the approved study at the international partner is transferred to contribute to the UK University’s award. A single award of the UK University is awarded to the student in this case.

Bouchra is French but has always wanted to learn both Mandarin and English without having to give up her University study years living in these countries and learning the languages. Bouchra could use Eduroutes to find two year diplomas that allow her learn Mandarin in China but also articulate into the final year or penultimate year of a UK University degree that will also let her learn English and live in the UK.

Accreditation Agreements

The UK University recognises (as leading to their own University award) a programme of study designed and delivered by an international partner to a closed cohort of learners. This term is also used when the University assigns credit to modules offered by a partner organization.

Chai is Malaysian and would like to study for a Masters degree in his chosen field so as to enhance his career prospects. Chai prefers to stay in Malaysia and study part-time on a local programme so that he can keep his job and also attain a world class UK degree for less without leaving Malaysia. Chai can use Eduroutes to search for local Masters degrees accredited by a UK University and which lead to the award of the UK degree without Chai having to study any extra hours.

Franchises/ Dual Award Agreements

The University works with another awarding body and together provide either a single programme developed by both institutions collaboratively, or to mutually recognise credit for curriculum delivered by both institutions. Separate awards are granted by both awarding bodies.

Bisi is a Nigerian who wants to purse her aspirations of obtaining a world class UK degree in Business but she does not have the finances required to obtain such a degree through the traditional routes. Bisi could use Eduroutes to explore the other cheaper locations that her preferred UK University has franchised provisions that lead to the award of their Business degrees. For instance Bisi could explore studying for the UK University’s Business degrees in cheaper locations such as Malta, Greece, Egypt, Vietnam and Sri Lanka to mention a few. Bisi may even be able to obtain a dual degree from both the local institution and the UK institution.

Off-Campus Delivery

The UK University retains full responsibility for a programme delivered in an international location by its own staff. The responsibilities of the partner organisation are limited to the provision of support, resources and/or specialist facilities for student learning opportunities.

Joe wants to study Tourism and believes the best place to do so is in Dubai, however he would like to obtain a global Tourism degree from a UK University and would also specifically like to be taught by UK University teaching staff. Joe can use Eduroutes to explore off campus deliveries of Tourism degrees by UK Universities in Dubai.