Join over 690,000 students like you who choose to study for a UK degree overseas

Did you know?

More international students like you are choosing to study for a UK University degree with their international collaborative partners rather than coming to study full time in the UK.

693,695 students like you studied for a UK University degree with collaborative partners across 75 countries. By studying for a UK University degree in another country, you will be able to enjoy a more affordable and culturally enriched study experience whilst obtaining a UK University degree.

 You will be able to work with students from the UK universities and visit the UK often as part of a study abroad. Most study option also give you the opportunity to obtain two degrees at the same time. 

How we help

Eduroutes helps aspiring students find more affordable and non-traditional routes to obtaining Higher Education degree from some of the world’s best Universities in countries like the UK, the US and Australia through study with the international partners of these Universities.

In today’s educational marketplace, some of the world’s leading Universities are becoming more innovative in their recruitment efforts through the use of international academic partnerships.
The consequence of this is that there are more opportunities to obtain degrees from some of these Universities through non- traditional routes such as progression agreements, franchises, validation agreements and dual degrees.

Most of our study recommendations also highlight opportunities for student to obtain dual degrees through one study experience
We also provide dedicated support for students who need help in choosing and applying for the right programme.